The #SASearch

The Placement Exchange is later this week and I am starting to do phone and Skype interviews. It is strange to think that in a few short months I will (hopefully) be starting my career as a full time student affairs educator. Yet, the #SASearch is a fun process.

Throughout my search thus far, I have been excited at the possibilities that seem to be open to me as I look for the first job. Not being geographically bound is helping with that endless opportunity, as I am looking in the northwest, midwest, and east coast. The ability to weigh location over job responsibilities and vice versa is exciting.

Of course, this process is also stressful. Everyone I talk to is always checking in on the job search and where my mind is currently. That is a natural desire, especially amongst my family and friends. I even enjoy sharing my excitement with them about jobs and locations.

The possibilities open to me, and my other #SAGrad colleagues, are exciting. Finally it seems real that my time in graduate school is coming to an end and a major transition is beginning. I am trying to stay positive and upbeat throughout this process. I am thankful for everyone who is supporting me through this process and giving me some much needed energy.

The questions I still have in my head about the search are nagging at me. As I walk between meetings and class, my mind immediately wanders to the job search. For now, the questions (and their answers) have to suffice. It may be frustrating to hear the phrase “Trust the Process” over and over, yet that is all I can do at this moment. I have prepared my materials and sent my application out to many schools. It is now in their hands and as long as I try my hardest, I have to think that I will end up at a place that is a right fit for me. This will not be an easy mindset to keep, especially as the semester quickly draws to a close, yet it is one that I must keep holding onto, if only to stay motivated.

It will not be an easy process from here on out; for everyone who is working with a #SAGrad, make sure to check in with them and give them a much needed lift. They will appreciate it.