Election 2016

Please excuse the rambling nature of this post; there is a lot to be talked about.

By now every political news site, commentator, and novice political observer has commented on the recently surfaced comments from GOP nominee, Donald Trump. The comments made by Mr. Trump in 2005 indicate that he believes he can sexually assault women simply because he is a ‘celebrity’. And that is not liberal spin or an intentional misquoting of Mr. Trump. He stated that he feels that he can grab the groin of a woman, and start kissing her simply because he finds her attractive. I refuse to quote the actual verbiage of Mr. Trump because of the sexually explicit nature of the comments.

The comments (and subsequent spin from Mr. Trump’ and Ms. Clinton’ surrogates) have been predictable and what you would come to expect out of this asinine campaign. The comments made by Mr. Trump describe sexual assault, plain and simple. Mr. Trump’s supporters have been stating ‘who can blame a guy for being attracted to a good looking woman’ which is just perplexing. Do Mr. Trump’s supporters believe that when someone is attracted to a woman that it is okay to fondle and push yourself on her? Is sexual assault just something that we should accept? These comments by Mr. Trump’s supporters are sickening, even more than the actual comments from Mr. Trump. Since I work in higher education, I know I live and work in a bubble; yet it seemed that progress was being made in the realm of sexual assault and gender based violence. Yet, with the comments from supporters of Mr. Trump, we seem to be no further along in stopping sexual assault and combating rape culture.

Although the defense of Mr. Trump could be something just as disturbing as believing in rape culture. Mr. Trump’s supporters could be defending him because they feel that if they condemn and criticize their nominee that they will be supporting Ms. Clinton, Mr. Johnson, or Ms. Stein. The idea that if you condemn or criticize one candidate you must support the other is highly troubling. We do not live in a world that is dualistic; our world is more complex, has nuance, and is substantive. You can disagree with someone and not support the other. And if you do support the opposite candidate, what is wrong with that? Can we do more than coexist? Should we be able to work together, differences and all, to make the country a better place? It would seem that in the current political climate that we cannot, and both major parties are at fault for that.

The Presidential Election of 2016 is something this country should be ashamed of. The two major political party candidates are widely unpopular and have flaws that should be dissected and interrogated. Yet, Mr. Trump’s rhetoric, actions, and statements disqualify him from being president. The latest comments were not a ‘final straw’ for a candidate who entered the race by declaring that Mexicans are rapists and criminals. The comments are yet another example of the character of Mr. Trump and why he is entirely unfit to be president.

The election is a month away. Everyone should be thinking seriously about their vote and why Mr. Trump, a man who has the most divisive and incorrect statements since George Wallace, deserves one single vote. He doesn’t deserve our votes, let alone the presidency.


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