Book Review: The Art of Fielding

It is not often that you close a book and just sit there, thinking about what you read. Chad Harbach’s The Art of Fielding not only made me do that but was a gripping read from cover to cover.

I have a lot of thoughts still swimming in my head as I write this about The Art of Fielding, but the one that keeps jumping up is Harbach’s commentary on purpose. As someone who is about to start a job search, purpose is something I have been reflecting on and to have Henry, one of Harbach’s characters, struggle with the purpose usefulness concept of purpose has me thinking quite a bit. Is purpose essential to our lives? Are we always lost without a purpose? Does repetition and structure hold the key to finding purpose? What role does discipline play in finding ones purpose?

This is not to say that The Art of Fielding is purely a commentary on purpose and its role in human life. It is a fun, engaging, and powerful read about baseball, college, coming of age, relationships, and the expectations we put on ourselves. Harbach crafted a beautifully simple story with powerful themes that keep the reader yearning for more.

This seemingly simple book will leave you wanting to know more about Westish College, the baseball team, Henry, Mike, Pella, and Owen because of the powerful writing of Chad Harbach.



2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Art of Fielding

  1. Just started this. Love it already. First thought: Henry reminds me of Jose Iglesias, the way he plays short stop. Love watching Iglesias when the ball comes his way.


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