Book Review: The Tommyknockers

In what will hopefully be a semi-regular occurrence, I will review books that I have read. I just finished Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers. There will be spoilers, so be warned.

A Stephen King novel normally takes a bit to really get going; King takes awhile to set the stage. Thus was my mindset as I kept trudging through the first third of The Tommyknockers. The first third of the book focuses on Bobbi Anderson and Gard Gardner. You learn their important histories and flaws. You also begin to get a peak at the unreal discovery that Bobbi found on her Maine property. I got excited; my mind full of possibilities of what exactly Bobbi could have discovered.

Yet, just when the picture (and excitement) started to form, King switches gears. He begins to tell of how the discovery is impacting the townspeople of Haven Maine. This third of the book is incredibly disorganized, jumping from story to story with little coherency. Any and all excitement that King was able to draw out with the initial third of the book was violently removed as I read this section. But I had to continue, because King could pull it all together as he normally does; right?


Sadly, King never really pulls the threads of stories he has told into one masterful tale. The Tommyknockers reads like a collection of stories loosely connected around one central theme (an alien spacecraft discovery). King’s attempt at telling multiple stories does not seem to work with this tale. The tale reads as if King was trying to do multiple things at once, but ended up doing all of them poorly.

The most frustrating part is that this book was long and that it never got to where it could have been. It never captivated me and made me eager to see how Bobbi and Gard ended up (everyone dies). The book reads more like a chore than an enjoyable escape from reality.

Many complain about the ending; that was the best part as this slow monotonous chore of a read ended.



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