Early Morning Silence

“I try to spew my thoughts for ten minutes every day” (Stanton, 2015, p. 206)

The darkness of the room was unusually thick. I stretched in bed, the early morning coldness causing me to shiver and wrap myself further in the blankets. I yawned, stretched again, and groggily searched for my phone on the nightstand. It was probably almost 9am when the alarm was set to go off.


Why was I up, ready, and alert this early? I had only gone to bed a few hours earlier and should have still been asleep. Yet, 6am it was. I put my phone back down and tried to go back to sleep. Ultimately I got up and sat on the couch looking over a book, Humans of New York Stories by Brandon Stanton (2015), that I got as a gift yesterday.

The silence of the morning is a secret.

Other than the whir of the heating unit or the hum of the refrigerator, my apartment is silent. Outside, I hear the occasional passing car on Western Drive, yet the silence permeates. It is not an anxious inducing silence or a foreboding silence. It is the silence of anticipation; of holding a breath before taking a plunge. Early morning silence is soothing.

I sat on the armchair, flipping through the pages of the book, reading the quotes and looking at the photos. The quotes were powerful, ranging from funny to sad, insightful to perplexing. The silence made me focus on the book and the stories within unlike any other time of day.

This happens to me occasionally; my body wakes me up at an early morning hour. At first, I am always annoyed by this but as the day goes on, I appreciate the few hours that I had to myself. To be with my thoughts and a cup of tea listening to the silence.

As I typed that last sentence the silence was disrupted by my timer going off; I brewed a cup of tea. Even that little noise from my phone was disruptive and brought me back to reality. Rarely do we have time to sit back in utter silence and think. When we do, we do not take the time to treasure it and enjoy it. Instead, we think of all the things we should be doing or need to be doing.


Why waste the silence? Why not sit there, using the silence afforded to us, to think and be with your thoughts? Sure, we could use the early morning hours to be more productive and get things done, but there is something special about early morning silence that cannot be replicated at any other time.

The world anxiously awaits the start of the day; the rising of the sun. Sitting in that silence and letting it envelope us and allow our thoughts to truly rise up is not only special, but powerful. It brings a clarity to our mind.

My apartment is cold and the light from the rising sun is starting to show through the curtains on the windows. The steam from my cup of tea is clearly visible and the warmth permeating from it is appreciated. My thoughts are unusually clear. I have the early morning silence to thank for that.


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